The Ministry of Education and Culture held a national seminar to discuss the Bill of Culture which enters the last step in Jakarta on Wednesday (8 February). Director General of Culture, Hilmar Farid in his speech said that today many young generations start losing their identities and no longer care about Indonesian arts and traditions. For that, the bill on culture is needed to strengthen the national identity. Hilmar Farid also said that comparing with another country, Indonesia has not been eminent yet in the field of industry and technology. But, in the field of art and culture, Indonesia is unmatched. Thus, the bill of culture is very important in giving resilience framework of culture and cultural advancement.

“…The bill provides a framework so that the resistance could grow, because the resistance can not be given. The resistance should grow from inside. And the bill talks about advancement concept. Based on the mandate of Article 32 paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, the state introduces the national culture.  Principle of advancement becomes the core of discussion in the Act which is done now,” he said.

Furthermore, Hilmar Farid said, there are 5 objects of cultural advancement, namely oral traditions, manuscripts, customs and rites; local knowledge and technologies; and art. He views that if it has been legalized. In the future, the bill will make Indonesian nation be able to innovate based on the knowledge and identity. Besides, with the bill, society will be more adaptive in making changes, open-minded, critical and be able to collaborate. Hilmar Farid hopes, law and culture can build cross-cultural communication to embody unity in diversity. (Skr/Trans-Yati)

Picture by Cyprianus Rowaleta