Kakawin Sutasoma (Sutasoma Sonnet), a narrative poem in which the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) philosophy is found, is set to be exhibited for the first time at the National Museum in Central Jakarta.

The sonnet is part of the Lahirnya Pancasila (The Birth of Pancasila) exhibition that is slated from June 2 to 15.

Other historical documents that will be displayed are the Preparation Investigative Assembly (BPUPKI)’s document, Indonesia’s first president Sukarno’s speech that explained about Pancasila, a document about the preparation of Indonesia’s Constitution, and the Garuda Pancasila emblem made by the oldest son of Sultan Pontianak VI, Sultan Hamid II, which won a national emblem competition back in 1950.

During the exhibition’s opening, actor Tio Pakusadewo is set to read Sukarno’s speech during the BPUPKI meeting on June 1, 1945. His film Pantja-Sila: Cita-citadan Realita will also be screened as part of the event.

“There are duplicates of those documents and they will be brought to other places in Indonesia,” said Hilmar.